From Decoration To Names, Internet Shares ‘Pettiest’ Reasons To Not Ever Date Some Body

Reddit users failed to keep back on a viral post whenever requested the causes behind maybe not internet dating somebody.

“What is the pettiest cause it’s not possible to date some body?”
u/RAMORAMORA’s article
expected fellow
consumers regarding the popular community forum “Ask Reddit,” which obtained over 23,000 ballots.

Bustle reported there had been a few dating practices which can be harmful, like being too wonderful or too unfavorable, getting important and jumping to conclusions.

A viral Reddit post garnered reactions from individuals who shared petty causes of maybe not dating somebody. Preceding, a stock picture of two different people on a night out together.


Being somebody who regularly interrupts may also result in strain on a relationship.

“it can be difficult to be with an interrupter and also to continue steadily to feel good about oneself,” the content stated. “The only way to resolve this problem is to be direct and leave your partner know-how it does make you feel when he or she constantly speaks over both you and interrupts you.”

Redditors flooded the comments area to express the things they believed happened to be internet dating red flags.


Lots of shared that a petty cause for not matchmaking someone might have something to do using the title of these companion.

“She encountered the exact same name as my personal mother,” a Redditor shared.

“If they have similar name as either of my personal brothers or my father my. lol, no,” wrote another.

One shared that they dated a man who had an aunt with the exact same title as hers. Because of that, her boyfriend at the time called the Redditor by the woman middle title instead.

Another provided it absolutely wasn’t the individuals name that has been the challenge, although people’s cat’s title, however, along with just how he said it, that was difficult.

“merely went on one date but he known as their cat Creamy, and in what way he said it grossed myself out,” the Redditor admitted.


“Live, make fun of, really love design interior decorating,” one commenter announced, that a lot of decided.

Alive, laugh, love design decor in your home.

Reddit opinion

“Of any answer I have seen in this bond, this is the any I have behind the quintessential,” a remark read.

A Redditor shared that they’re at this time looking for home decor and acquire frustrated when they see those types of residence accessories.

Eating Habits

“the guy ate with closed fists around his products like a toddler along with his face right-up to his food like someone would steal it,” commented a Redditor.

Another ventilated regarding how their unique companion consumed pizza.

“She ate pizza together fingers,” they had written. “No, not like you would imagine. She would scoop within the toppings in a dirty heap and like [an] animal, claw them up-and consume all of them next tear the bread and consume it.”


A Redditor had written that while their girlfriend ended up being normally “kind, compassionate and big,” they discovered the girl a lot more frustrating the lengthier these were together.

“I felt like I had to apologize to everyone she talked to considering just how cringy she was,” they stated.

a man Redditor shared which they dated a “cringeworthy” guy.

“He consistently embarrassed myself when it is shameful and needing far too tough,” they recalled.

Although they at first believed bad for closing the connection, the sensation did not last long. They wrote that he began to harass them.

The Way They Spoke

Some Redditors disclosed they were discouraged when matchmaking someone that spoke loudly.

“She was shouting, she had been thus loud i really couldn’t loose time waiting for it to be over,” one Reddit individual had written.

Some shared that they had been delay from the pronunciation of word “espresso.”

“I’m from Seattle and a woman I dated ended up being from a few towns over however THAT much,” a commenter composed. “She pronounced espresso ‘expresso’ and therefore ended up being the start of a quick ending.”

“They pronounce the word ‘expresso’ whenever they imply ‘espresso,’ or ‘expecially’ in the place of ‘especially,'” another wrote.

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